Sunday, 17 July 2011

Hike up Tygerberg Hill


This afternoon I hiked up Tygerberg Hill to get some pictures of the beautiful sunsets we have been having for the last ten days. One wouldn't say it is winter - Cape Town has been showing off!  Needless to say, it turned out cold, windy and very misty, with a fog bank on the Atlantic and visibility near zero at times.

Tygerberg, by the way, translates into "Tiger Mountain" but really it means Leopard, not Tiger, as we do not have (wild) tigers in South Africa! As to why it is called "leopard mountain", there are two versions: some say it is because, from a distance, the darker spots of vegetation on the hillside resemble a leopard's markings, and others say that in years gone by there were tigers living on the mountain. I actually think both are true.

Anyway, bad weather: no sunset photographs; so I looked around and decided the radio mast on this, the highest point in my neighbourhood, was actually quite interesting. I got some pictures, so you decide.


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