Sunday, 28 August 2011

This week's 10Ten Movie Review


I spent a week in Oudtshoorn two weeks ago, and did not watch any movies for 9 days. As someone who usually watches a movie almost every day, that was hard! When I got back, I couldn't wait to load a few discs into my Sony. As usual, with greatly varying results!

So here are my mini reviews - rated out of 10, and comments in Ten words or less.

1. Gantz - 2/10 - Japanese Manga, bad English soudtrack. Poor story and bad acting.

2. Luster - 3/10 - There is good surreal and bad surreal. The latter.

3. Mars needs Moms - 5/10 - Not great, but not complete rubbish.

4. Before the Rain - 8/10 - A beautiful and though-provoking movie. Highly recommended.

5. Husk - 1/10 - Corny horror leaving me cold - in the wrong way.

6. Bicycle Thieves - 8/10 - A stark and gripping movie about desperation. Deservedly a classic.

7. Bondi Tsunami - 7/10 - Japanese Australian road-trip surf movie. Great soundtrack. Good surreal.

8. I watched half of another movie, which was so bad my mind had blocked out the name. I am not going to bother to look at the cover and download a picure.

That's all Folks!

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