Sunday, 11 September 2011

This week's 10Ten movie review


I did not watch that many movies this week, as I had been to college one night, and also started reading the Dexter (on whom the tv series - which I have not see yet - is based) books; the first two books were un-put-downable, and I will start the third one later tonight. In any event, I did see the following movies, and here is my quick 10Ten review - scored out of 10, and commented on in ten words or less.

1. Deep Rising - 3/10 - Utter drivel. Only not 2 because I liked his boat.


2. Devil - 6/10 - Better than I expected; worth watching.


3. Tess - 7/10 - A good effort by Polanski; enjoyable, but BBC version better.


4. Dune - 7/10 - Good but dated; Lynch + but a very weird Sting!


5. Year One - 5/10 - A great kids' movie not suitable for children.


6. Magnificent Obsession - 9/10 - Proves soap opera can be art and enjoyed as both.


That's all Folks!


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