Saturday, 19 November 2011



There is an Afrikaans word, wêreldgoed, which means that something is "of the world" and is used to indicate that physical items or possessions, of whatever monetary value, are not really that important. I think it originates from the view that, when you leave this world, to go (or not go) wherever you believe you are going, even if it is just a hole in the ground, these things cannot be taken with (tell that to the old Egyptian pharaohs!).

But we still do get quite attached to our wêreldgoed, don't we! A while back I lost a very nice pen, that had great sentimental value, and since then I have kept hoping that I would find it again. I remember very well where I last used it, and where I next wanted to use it and found that it was missing. Between these two places I was only in my car.

I have searched high and low in both places, and have had lots of assistance from friends who also looked there very thoroughly. That left me hoping that it was somewhere in my car. I had looked in the car, a few times, but also thought that if I took the car in for a professional valet service, they might find it. However, I put off taking it for a valet service because, if I did and the pen was not found, I was going to have to accept that it was really gone.

This morning I finally decided to go ahead, and took the car for a valet service. I printed colour posters with a picture of the pen and offered a substantial reward should the pen be found. Alas, it was not. I suppose I will have to say goodbye to my pen, and move on. After all, it is only wêreldgoed. But I am a little sad…





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