Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Everything being about Leadership is getting a little tiring...

On a daily basis, I seem to be inundated by "leadership" - leadership qualities, leadership characteristics, leadership articles, leadership coaching, leadership training, leadership behaviour, leadership workshops, leadership do's, leadership don'ts, and more... Sometimes it leaves the little (?) cynic in me wondering if anyone is still managing, or, perish the thought, actually working? This, in turn, prompted me to draw my first-ever cartoon, today. Probably not a new career , but better than swearing through clenched teeth (and I had fun doing it)! ‪#‎leadership‬‪#‎youarenotlivingifyouarenotleading‬ (ps. I think EVERYBODY is a leader, in his or her own right, and even leaders to have to spend some time managing and working!)

That's all Folks!

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