Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Some days are better than others...

Most days are great. Some days are fantastic. And, just a few days are even better than that - like today: I picked up my stunning new (39-year-old) Garrard 401 transcription turntable with SME 3009 Series 2 arm and Philips cartridge in a custom-made Bamboo plinth. This is the result of a long, protracted deal involving negotiation, trade, swop, threats, extortion, pleas and a little cash. And a seller who wanted it to go to a good home, and, after interviewing me, decide I will do. Spinning some cool tunes on this classic table... ‪#‎vinyl‬ ‪#‎vintage‬ ‪#‎classicbeauty‬ ‪#‎notforsale‬

That's all Folks!

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