Saturday, 18 October 2014

Beautiful Baby

I am selling this beautiful, fully serviced and restored Telefunken TT100 (a re-branded Technics) direct drive turntable. This rare table has been assembled in SA, and the plinth made in East London, in the Eastern Cape. All components were sourced from Matsushita in Japan, and the beautiful tonearm is an OEM Japanese arm.

The record player runs 100% on speed, the lid and hinges are in great shape - no cracks whatsoever - and the pesky, and oft-failing plastic auto-return mechanism has been removed - it is now a beautiful, simple and reliable manual machine.

This deck will do justice to you best LPs, and is the perfect record player for anyone upgrading from a starter turntable. Bring along a few LPs, and come and hear what it sounds like!

The TT100 with the fitted cartridge and a brand-new stylus: R1,600
The TT100 with a Technics EPC-270C cartridge and new stylus: R1,900
The TT100 with a brand-new AT91 cartridge and stylus: R1,900
The TT100 with a brand-new AT95E cartridge and stylus: R2,200
The TT100 with a brand-new AT120E cartridge and stylus: R2,500

Design your own sound, at the price you can afford!

That's all Folks!

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