Saturday, 15 November 2014

Chasing Art, Finding Beauty

Just back from a day out in Stellenbosch. Went there to look at "The Benches" art installation, all over town (and their pictures will follow) but as always, walking the streets of Eikestad (City of Oaks) with an iPhone in hand took me to scenes of both expected and unexpected beauty. Very impressed with their Urban Food Box project, and the Nelson Mandela art piece: this double-sided, 2-tiered 3D installation makes use of maps of South Africa behind rusty steel to create the most amazing picture, from the right angle. Also found some great old Jazz records at a 2nd-hand shop, and had lunch at Ernie's place on Dorp Street. All in all a good day out. #stellenbosch #southafrica #art #iphoneography

Secret Courtyard

Dappled Sunlight

Mill Stream

Steeple Chase

Fallen Angel

Mr and Mrs Owl

Typical Stellenbosch

Hidden Sanctuary

Peace Offering

Art in Motion I

Art in Motion II

Save the Rhino

Summer Sky

Urban Food Box project

That's all Folks!

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