Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Week That Was

Is this an object of utter beauty, or what? This is not mine, but yesterday I started building a similar-looking plinth (the wooden base) made from Brazilian Poplar ply-wood, veneered with Bubinga, for exactly the same turntable (a 1958 Garrard 301) and tonearm (a 1960's SME3012). This is going to be my Christmas present to myself!

Shindo-style plinth, Garrard 301, SME 3012 - Vinyl Nirvana...

I also spent some time this afternoon installing this beast in the Land Rover, to be able to entirely disconnect the battery from all systems when I am not using the truck for a week or more. This stops the battery from draining, and a R2,400 batter from only lasting 2 years because it is getting abused. An expensive lesson, but I am known for regularly paying school fees... ‪#‎diy‬‪#‎landrover‬ ‪#‎schoolfees‬

A great Sunday out, spending the morning at the Cape Town Vinyl Faire in Wynberg, and then lunching at the cricket club. This afternoon was spent working, doing admin and spending time on my hobby. ‪#‎greatsundays‬‪#‎capetown‬ ‪#‎summer‬ ‪#‎iphoneography‬

Constantia Cricket Club 

Dinner done, chores done, now relaxing with David Gilmour's On An Island on this new beauty, a TEAC PX-270, that I finished restoring today. David, as always, sounds good, and this turntable sounds amazing! ‪#‎vinyl‬ ‪#‎turntable‬‪#‎sundaynightsareallright‬

Like something from a Jane Campion movie...

The Week That Was
That's all Folks!

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