Sunday, 1 March 2015

Catch Up - Too Busy To Blog!

So what has happened over the last week to 10 days? Let's see...

What an incredibly enjoyable Sunday night at the end of a great weekend: good friends, good conversations, good food and good music. And now a great braai with new friends and introducing them to vinyl, and, in particular, South African meat and Los Angeles music... ‪#‎themothers‬ ‪#‎goodfriends‬‪#‎goodmusic‬ ‪#‎goodtimes‬

Bolling's Suite for Violin and Jazz Piano - absolutely incredible music...

(Frank Zappa) and The Mothers - Just Another Los Angeles Band... love them, hate them, you can't ignore them! On my stunning new restorations (in my opinion one of the very best turntables one can own) - the Thorens TD125 MkII

Years ago, when I had just started "moving from vinyl to CD", and I had just passed Financial Accounting 3 at Stellenbosch (top of my class), I bought myself this CD in celebration (young and vain). Today I bought myself my 3rd copy on vinyl (older and wiser)... ‪#‎sgtpeppers‬ ‪#‎beatles‬ ‪#‎accountant‬

My latest ad:
"You have recently started looking at the vinyl in your favourite Cape Town coffee shop – mainly because the grumpy barista only grunts when you try to have a conversation with him. You have a beard (probably not of you are a girl). You smoke a pipe (even if you are a girl). You write with a fountain pen in your Moleskine diary. Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues have not (yet?) touched your topknot. And you think those LPs are kinda cool - probably sound great, too, if only you had a record player. A beautiful one. But not too expensive - blogging does not pay that well (well, for some of us).
And I have one for you.
This fully restored and serviced Connoisseur was made in Yorkshire about 55 years ago, but is still in excellent physical and cosmetic condition. It looks good, and sounds good. The arm has been fully rewired, starting at the head shell leads, and a brand new AT91 cartridge and stylus have been fitted. Everything works, as it should.
This is a quirky little table. If you do not start it in the correct way, it may spin backwards. In short, to use this device you need to be a trained operator (I will throw the training in for free, as well as a free annual service of this turntable for as long as the original purchaser owns it (stylus replacements excluded, but belt replacements included).
This turntable sounds very good, but don't take my word for it - bring your favourite LP record, and come and give it a listen! Please see the pictures, taken today, for the actual condition of this record player. I also trade in old, and even broken, turntables."

So today I worked from home. Comensa work, business admin and client website updates and maintenance in the morning, and messing about with turntables this afternoon. Took pictures to advertise the JVC and the Connoisseur, and then worked on fixing and servicing the Stanton. The latter now on the test bench, playing wonderfully and doing Billy Joel justice!‪#‎workfromhome‬ ‪#‎fantasticfriday‬ ‪#‎vinyl‬

"Me, I'm just another face at Zanzibar
But the waitress always serves a secret smile
She's waiting out in Shantytown

She's gonna pull the curtains down for me, for me

I've got the old man's car
I've got a jazz guitar
I've got a tab at Zanzibar
Tonight that's where I'll be"

Fully automatic direct drive JVC - immaculate Japanese perfection in turntables

Another successful day - early morning walk, counselling before lunch, load shedding, starting on my accounts for FYE, completing work on this great JVC turntable and finally sorting out the last issue with this beautiful little Connoisseur BD2 turntable. Both can now be added to my "ready to go to a new home" pile, and they are sure to make someone very happy. Now to scratch around for something to eat, and relax with a glass of wine and some great music... (and yes, I do listen to Country music! You do know what happens when you play a country music record backwards: you get back your dog, your truck and your wife!) smile emoticon ‪#‎greatday‬ ‪#‎vinylrules‬ ‪#‎thankful‬

(Yes, I love country music!)

That's all Folks!

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