Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Another Mega Cath-Up by the Lazy Blogger

Just back from my 2nd COMENSA meeting of the day, this time at the CTICC in town. As always, hugely impressed with our convention centre! And thanks for the great meeting, guys! ‪#‎comensa‬ ‪#‎forgingahead‬ ‪#‎cticc‬‪#‎iphoneography‬

Beautiful Cape Town. There's nothing like (after 6 hours of staring at a computer screen) getting your feet in the water and watching The Grand Old Lady bathe in the setting sun. Big Bay, about an hour ago. (Time Hop photo thrown up by FB today)

My friend Kunna Haan from Amsterdam needs a shoot for her Glamour NL Blog at AfrikaBurn. Should I, or shouldn't I? Haha... when have I not wanted to take pictures of a stunningly beautiful lady? ‪#‎afrikaburn‬ ‪#‎glamorouskunna‬‪#‎justshoot‬ PaardenKracht

My latest offering:
"I am offering for sale a very special turntable: Cinderella. She is not a looker, but she is a stunner! Don't confuse her scar (caused by an inconsiderate dust bug attachment) with her ability to produce beautiful music. Don't think that because she has been converted to 100% manual (no auto-return) that she is not able to bring out the best in your favourite LP records!
In fact, without the (quite honestly, rubbish) gazillion pieces of plastic and metal attached to her innards, this great S-shaped arm with SME-type head shell is now free to do the only thing it is supposed to: extract music, flawlessly, from your vinyl.
Cinderella has been stripped bare, cleaned, re-built, improved, lubricated, adjusted and set up correctly (VTA, azimuth, tracking force and overhang. A brand new drive belt has been fitted, as well as a new, imported stylus to the very good Stanton 505 cartridge.
All cables and connections have been renewed and tested. The lid and metal hinges are in 100% working condition.
Because of the dust bug blemish, Cinderella is on offer at a 20% reduction in price. Come and see, and listen to, this beauty, and take her home for just R900!
Please call to make an appointment for an audition. Bring your own LPs, but please don't bring cr@p."

That's all Folks!

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