Sunday, 3 May 2015

So, I am back. Happy, and smiling. What a great adventure, what great people and what natural and human beauty - all crammed into an intense week in the Tankwa Karoo. The sights and sounds will stay with me for a very long time - be it doef-doef music, a girl's sparkling laugh, the whistle of my kettle boiling or Noa's Israeli accent. And because I am terribly impatient, here are the first few (of many - be warned) pictures, with very minimal editing. ‪#‎afrikaburn‬‪#‎tankwakaroo‬ ‪#‎beauty‬

My Campsite - between #dissipate and "just stand there and watch me burn"

Stepping Out

Unicorns Abound

Still Standing - Subterrafuge

Almost all pictures are just after sunrise, or just before sunset. A golden, magical light shines on the barren Karoo at those times, turning the "ordinary" (which it is not) into the extraordinary.

Once a Landy lover, always a Landy lover...

LOVE is in the air...

Nessie in Loch Tankwa?

The Flowering Desert

Wine-a-bit - turned out to be my favourite camp! Thanks JP, Neil and Deon. And Laurie and Sabine. And Noa and Nina. And Mia, and her sister, and her Mum from Durban - that 10-20 Nikon lens rocks!

Musicians - Respect

Flow Arts - Entertainment de Luxe

Flow Arts - Entertainment de Luxe II

Mutant Vehicles - Steam Punk - DMV

Nessie on the Prowl

Serious Conversations

Group Gathering

Solitude Sitting

Hitching a Ride

Sunset on the Playa

Families Do It

Art in the Desert

That's all Folks!

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