Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Tilda – a warrior queen that will not be defeated. I am going to be honest about this: a friend who owns a repair shop called me, and said: “I just threw a few old pieces of junk in my skip, and then remembered you are always looking for spares. Come round, if you want, and pick them up”. I went round, looked at the stuff, and gave a bergie/car guard R20 to carry some of it to my car. “Not that one”, I said, and pointed at Tilda – a sorry mess that I did not want soiling my car.

Of course, when I got home, and started unpacking, Tilda was in the boot. I put on gloves, starting unpacking, and put Tilda outside next to my wheelie bin. Where she stayed for 3 weeks.

Then, one day, I was very frustrated with some of my “white collar” work, and wanted to get my head clear, and my hands dirty. So I fetched Tilda and put her on my work bench…

And what a journey it was! Endless hours of cleaning, fixing and polishing. A new head shell, a new Audio Technica cartridge, a new counter weight. New power lead and new RCA leads and RCA plugs. New hinges. A complete refurbish of the wooden plinth, and applying African Rose wood veneer after much filling and many coats of treatment. A simplification and repair of the complicated, broken tone arm internal mechanism. And then much set-up, many adjustments and a lot of tuning for perfect play and the best sound. All in all, 3 months of work (on and off).

Tilda was made in East London, South Africa by a German company (Telefunken) using Japanese parts (Technics), almost 40 years ago. But she has now received the Music Man treatment, and is singing like a bird. A solid direct drive with a good arm and a good cartridge, she makes both my best vinyl and my not-so-good records sound great!

I have now been listening to the completed Tilda project for 5 days non-stop, and I love her. I am sure you will too. Come around, have a listen, and decide if she is the one for you.

If I have to sell Tilda for what she means to me, and what I have put into her restoration, she would be R10k. But, of course, it does not work like that. So Tilda is available for R2000 – only to a buyer I approve of.


That's all Folks!

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