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Bokdrolletjies is the Afrikaans word for the little round droppings of small deer and antelope. As one meanders through the South African veld, one often comes across this. If studied carefully, it can tell one a lot about what is going on in the area.

Follow the droppings, discover the beauty...


This is my personal website, and the gateway to my presence on the web. I follow my own flag, and answer only to common decency and good taste (not always successfully!).

All opinions are my own, or adopted from others then made my own - because I like them, and agree with them. There is, after all, nothing new under the sun!

All photographs are mine/taken by me, unless clearly stated otherwise. My photographs may not be downloaded or used in any way whatsoever without my permission. I would be flattered if you were tempted, but please don't.

Look around and enjoy yourself!

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